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Aquarium Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Europlants Ltd are able to supply and install all types of Aquariums, whether fresh water cold tanks or warm water tropical tanks. We will carry out all water testing before adding the fish and then carry out fortnightly maintenance visits. A maintenance package to suit your specialist needs, will be drawn up including replacing water, testing water quality, cleaning the gravel, checking/cleaning the filter, checking the fish for disease and treating where appropriate. All you need to do is sit back and admire your fish.

Pond Installation and Maintenance

With over 20 years experience in Pond construction, Europlants Ltd can carry out all aspects of pond design, construction and maintenance. Utilising our knowledge, we can build a new pond or clear out tired and 'past ponds', bringing them back to their former glory! With the introduction of plants and fish your pond will be rejuvenated. With ongoing maintenance we will ensure the health of your pond and allow you to enjoy the 'fruits of our labour.' 

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